Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC


Origins and Characteristics of Malvasia Bianca del Chianti
Rocca di Montegrossi’s Vin Santo del Chianti Classico is produced from Malvasia Bianca del Chianti. The choice of this grape variety is motivated by its richness in aromatic components, the thickness of its skin, and its propensity for oxidation, making it particularly suitable for the production of this type of wine.

Grapes Drying on Ventilated Racks
The grape drying process takes place on racks placed in naturally ventilated rooms. The racks are equipped with rails on which the grape clusters are hung one by one. During this phase, the grapes are attacked by noble rot (botrytis cinerea), imparting unique and highly valuable characteristics.

Grape Selection and Pressing
The importance of the rails lies in the ability to select and remove grapes that deteriorate in any area of the room. This selection is repeated weekly until the time of pressing, which usually takes place in January of the year following the harvest.

Pressing and Maturation
After approximately 3-4 months of drying, the grapes are highly concentrated, and their sugar content is high, allowing for pressing. The obtained must is placed in small casks (50 and 100 liters) made of various woods, such as cherry, oak, and mulberry, where it ferments and matures for nearly 8 years.

Characteristics of Vin Santo del Chianti Classico
The resulting wine has a bright amber yellow color and is velvety on the palate. The aromas are intense and complex, with pleasant notes of apricot, dried figs, toasted almonds, dates, caramel, and coffee.

Tasting and Pairing
Thanks to its particular freshness and delicate texture, Vin Santo del Chianti Classico is excellent as a meditation or dessert wine, ideal for pairing with dry pastries, crème brûlée, blue cheeses, and foie gras.

Limited Annual Production
The annual production is less than 2,000 bottles of 0.375 liters, a quantity considered “minimal” (grape yield to wine is less than 10%), demonstrating how this production is beyond commercial logic. However, Rocca di Montegrossi owner, Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi, considers it a “poetry to be poured”.

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+39 (0)577 747977
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